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Windows 8 Tricks and tips – #3 is Awesome

When Microsoft released Windows 8 last year, a lot of PC users went “Meh!” It was the most radical change to the Windows interface we all came to love. With many of the controls for launching programs and accessing settings tucked away, many deemed it as a flop especially in the ‘ease of use’ department.
Today i am going to show you 4 awesome Windows 8 Tricks, That you might not have heard of.
Windows 8 Tricks

4 Awesome Windows 8 Tricks

However, with a few tricks, Windows 8 can be just as awesome as XP and Windows 7 – two of the easiest and most stable versions of the operating system. Here are a few:

1.Enable Metro-Style Internet Explorer To Play Flash Content:

Windows 8 comes with two versions of IE – one is on the Classic desktop and the other one is on theMetro interface. The problem with the latter is that it won’t play flash content if the website it’s on is not listed on Microsoft’s list of trusted websites.
You can wait for Microsoft to update their compatibility list and add your site (don’t hold your breath though). Or you can follow these instructions:
First, go to C:\Users\(Your User Folder)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData. Next, find the XML file named “iecompdata”, and open it with a text editor. Find the line of code which starts with the entry “Flash”, enter the URL of the website, save the changes to the XML file, and delete Metro IE’s browser history.
Once the site is added, you can now play or use its flash content with Metro IE.

2.Simultaneously Use Windows 8 Apps And The Classic Desktop:

Let’s say you’re using dual monitors. The operating system automatically uses the main screen while the secondary screen hosts the desktop. This setup makes full-screen multitasking on both interfaces a lot easier – Windows 8 apps for the main screen and desktop for the secondary screen, perfect?
In paper, it’s all good. However, as soon as you start using the desktop, the main screen’s Windows 8 apps disappear and switches to desktop!
However, there’s a workaround. On your main monitor, use Windows 8’s split-screen ‘snapping’ feature to run the desktop and a Windows 8 Store app together. It looks silly at first since the desktop takes up a very small slice of the screen’s left side while the app takes up the rest.
However, after you set and use your secondary monitor for a full desktop view, viola! You now have an arrangement where a Windows 8 app and the desktop can peacefully coexist. Not to mention both windows are spacious enough to use.

3.How To Create A Picture Password

Want to keep your PC secure without setting up a complex password that you can vaguely remember? No problem! In Windows 8, you can create a picture password to keep your system secure minus the hassle of trying to remember which special characters you used.
This is one of the best Windows 8 Tricks to create a Picture password. Here’s how: First, press theWindows Key + I combination. This will take you to the settings charm. Next, proceed to “Change PC Settings” located at the bottom right of the window and go to the Users Tab.
Under “Sign-In Options”, click the “Create A Picture Password Button”. You will now be asked to choose any picture and define three gestures anywhere on it. It can be any combination of circles, swipes, or clicks. After confirming it, the picture password will be set.
Take note, the gestures do matter so remember them well. So maybe you can’t really get away from remembering stuff when accessing your PC? But hey, that’s a lot easier than trying to recall a 12-character password!

4.Give Your Windows 8 A “Hot & Fresh From The Factory” Feeling :

If Windows feels a little too slow for convenience, you can perform a Refresh. In the previous versions of Windows, you have to backup all of your files, device drivers, etc. before you can perform a fresh install.
It’s time-consuming and it’s tedious!
Not with Windows 8. You can perform a refresh without the need for backing up your data. First, go to Settings and click the tab “Change PC Settings”. Go to the “General” tab in the next window, and you should find the “Refresh Your PC Without Affecting Your Files” section.
Select “Get Started” and hit “Refresh”. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and relax. After a few minutes, your PC will restart and you now have a refresh and reinvigorated Windows 8!
So this was my Collection of 4 Best Windows 8 Tricks and tips, I hope i added something to your knowledge today. Learn more Tricks by Visiting our Windows tricks Catagory. Keep in touch and subscribe to our Blog.

How to block websites on your Computer

How to block websites and why really you need to Know? Well,Blocking any website on your computer becomes necessary when you really want to make it your personal computer. Many times someone from your family or some irritating friend comes to you and want to use your computer to surf internet and then he start viewing videos on youtube or start chatting on Facebook regardless of whether you are liking it or not but you cant even ask them to leave.
Of course you never want that anyone use your computer for long time and keep using your internet while you just sit aside them to see what they are doing. You can simply block the sites and prevent them from opening in your system to get rid of this problem.

How to Block Websites on your Computer

There are certain Tricks to block a website from opening on your system :

Method 1 : Using Windows host file

For this method , you don’t require any additional software to be installed on your computer. All you need is a little bit knowledge and some basic file editing capability using notepad. Windows has thishost file to map the ip addresses and host names of the host sites to your computer.
By using this trick you can make your computer to redirect again to your local machine instead of opening that host site. So for blocking any website using windows host file you need to follow some steps as given below :
Step 1 :Open  “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” in the Windows search bar or navigate to the folder by clicking your way through Windows Explorer.
Step 2 :Now after reaching to this path you will see a file named Host. Right click on that file and click on open with notepad.
Step 3 :In Notepad, you will see several lines of text used for mapping purposes. Go to the last line of text (it should say something regarding a local host), now press enter to move the cursor to the end of the file then type  “″  (without codes)and press the spacebar.
Step 4 :Now, type the specified address of the website you wish to block on the same line. For example, type “” , “” to block all these sites.
How to block websites
Step 5 :Now Save this file and ignore if you receive any messages showing  you warning about this modifications.
Step 6 :Go to your browser and verify that the site you want to block isn't opening anymore.

Method 2 : Using control Panel

If you don’t wish to block sites using this host file or there is some problem in modifying that file , so you can do the same thing using another default function of windows i.e. Control Panel Parental Control.
For doing this , just follow a few steps given below and you are done :
Step 1 :Click on start button  > Go to control panel >  User accounts and Family safety > Set up parental control for any user.
How to block websites
List of all the users in your system will be displayed .
Step 2 :Now select the account for which you want to set the web filter and then under parental controls ,  click ON.
How to block websites
Step 3 :   Click on web filter.
Step 4 : Click on Block some websites or contents .
Step 5  : Click on Edit the allow and block list.
Step 6 : In the Website address box, type the address for the website that you want to allow or block, and then click Allow or Block.
So now you know 2 methods on How to block websites On your Computer easily on Your Computer.

Convert any word document or webpage to pdf

Many times when we are randomly opening pages of some websites or going through different sites , we see some topics which seems really interesting. Often when we are looking for some particular topic , we reach to some other post which is interesting too but we have to continue to our search and leave that page half heartedly. Many of you might be aware of the default option provided by browsers for saving web pages to your computer and read them later while you are offline . You can do it by using option “ Save Webpage As…”

But these web pages saved by this method are not that good quality files. When reading , it seems that we are still looking at the website and not in our computer. So today I am going to tell you a trick to Convert Webpage to PDF and saving it to your computer simultaneously.

How to Convert any webpage to pdf

There are two very simple and automated methods to Convert Webpage to PDF format.

Method 1 : is a website that provides service of converting any webpage to pdf format and make it available to save on your system free of cost with the blink of your eye. It is very fast .
All you have to do is Simply open PdfmyURL website and paste the desired URL or website address which you want to convert to pdf and click on button placed at right side of text box. It will convert that URL into pdf format and ask for saving to your system.

Method 2 : Using Nova PDF

You can convert webpage to pdf from popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome by installing a Nova PDF creator that works as a virtual PDF printer. Once the printer is installed, you can simply print to it and a PDF file will be generated.
Just Download this software from their official site here : DOWNLOAD
Install it to your computer and then it will automatically add a new option to your browser’s print button i.e. Nova print server . Select it and click on print. It will save that url as pdf. You can also set margins of page using page setup before downloading the pdf to set the size of pdf file you want.
So this was all about saving a web page as pdf document now I would also like to tell you about How to convert word document to pdf file.

It is a simple task to convert any word file to pdf file. It can be done online or by some software. The best way to do it is using
This site will do your work in three simple steps. Browse your file , Enter your email address , click onconvert it and within a few minutes the converted pdf file will reach to your inbox. There are many other sites as similar to so if this site doesn’t work for you , simply google it.
Above methods guides you to Convert any webpage or word documents to pdf format easily.

Surf internet anonymously- How to Guide

Everyone today surfing on internet is very seriously concerned about their Privacy. As the Cyber crimeis increasing day by day, those who are not doing anything to hide their real identity must perform some necessary security actions so that no one can harm them online.
Surf internet anonymously
So here in this article, I am going to share with you some internet tips to browse and Surf internet anonymously.

4 Best Ways to Surf internet anonymously

1. Using VPN Software :

There are several softwares available for personalizing your network connection and use a middle layer between you and your real network. It creates a virtual environment between the user and their internet connection. These are most popularly known as VPNs (Virtual Private Networks ). A VPN connection across the Internet is similar to a wide area network (WAN) link between the sites. From a user perspective, the extended network resources are accessed in the same way as resources available from the private network.
The high quality VPNs are normally paid which provides privacy to industries and other business organizations. But for normal users there are variety of VPNs available for free.

2.Using Tor Browser :

Surf internet anonymously
Tor browser is one of the leading and best known browser for anonymous surfing over the internet. It changes your original ip address to the ip address of some remote location. No one will be able to see your real ip when you surf sites using Tor browser. It looks much similar to Mozilla firefox but it reduces the speed of your internet connection upto some extent because every site which is being opened must be opened through the server of TOR organization.
You can download TOR Browser from their official website.

3.  Set proxies in your own browser :

You all might have known the process of Setting proxy in your browser. We commonly do it when we need to access the internet using some public or shared wifi in offices or educational institutes like colleges etc.
They have always secured their network using these proxy setting and if you want to access internet via their network, you must change your browser proxy settings according to their settings. You can make your own home network more secured by doing the same thing.

4. Using proxy sites :

If you don’t want to download and install any softwares or VPNs on your system for privacy, you can simply switch to these proxy sites. All you have to do is simply enter the desired URL in the input box given on the website instead of your browser’s address bar. These sites offer you online privacy for accessing web anonymously. Moreover these sites will provide you access to those sites which are blocked in your office or college. Proxy sites have ability to bypass the filters that restrict the access to several sites.
You can try these sites :
So I Hope After reading this article there will be no doubt in your mind to Surf internet anonymously, But if you have any doubt leave your comments below.

How to Download torrent files with IDM

Torrent use is very popular these days. Whether you want to download a large file, or even a small one, you can use a torrent to download your desired file. In order to download the files, you need seeders and leaches. The more seeders, the better because you get faster download speed. The lower the seeders and leaches count, the slower the speed. You can Download Torrent Files With IDM yes you heard it right.
In this tutorial, you will be shown how to Download Torrent Files With IDM. IDM is a very popular download client that helps you download many files at once, but also accelerates the download process. If you especially want to download very large files, IDM can come in very handy because it separates the file(s) into parts and downloads the smaller parts in accelerates rate. Once everything is downloaded, the smaller files are put back together into the original file you intended to download. Fairly simple, right? Now lets move onto how you can Download Torrent Files With IDM .

Steps to Download Torrent Files With IDM

Step 1: Select any Torrent download client such as utorrent or Bittorrent. You can use these clients to download the Torrent files onto your computer.
Step 2: Go to a Torrent uploading site such as ExtraTorrent or zBigz.
In this step, you will be uploading the Torrent you downloaded earlier.
Step 3: Upload the Torrent using the sites stated in the previous step, or if you have a site of your choosing, go from there. Make sure to use the “Free” uploading option. Assuming that you don’t want to pay for an account, just go with the free option. Do note that if you go with the free option, there are limitations set by the website. If you go with a premium account, some extra perks are provided.
Depending on how big the Torrent is, that’s how long it may take to upload. It also depends on how fast your Internet connection is. The faster your connection is, the faster the upload speed will be.
Step 4: Once you have uploaded the Torrent, there should be an option for you to “ZIP” the Torrent. Normally, there will be extra options to download the contents of the Torrent file individually, but for now, lets go with the “.zip” option.
Step 5: Once everything has been zipped in the “.zip” format, hit download.  Internet Download Manager  should pop up and automatically take over the download process instead of your browser.
This may seem like a bit tedious process, but it’s well worth knowing that you can download the Torrent through a ZIP file format without having to worry about increasing or decreasing connection speed. More people these days are using this process in order to speed up downloading and uploading of Torrents.
If you liked the tutorial on Download Torrent Files With IDM, please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

How to send large files through email – Explained

A lot of internet users send files via emails. However there is one problem and that is that you can only send files with limited sizes. Let’s take example of Gmail. Gmail allows its users to send maximum data attachments of 25 MB.
This is definitely not enough if you are sending your birthday pictures or a video to your friends or family members. So, what to do? No worries, Yes you can send large files through email Easily
How to send large files through email
You can use websites like dropbox, where you can upload files and share the link of those uploaded files to your friends but unfortunately websites like dropbox comes with some restrictions with first being not free, advertisements and less security.
Google Drive by Google is the best option to upload your files and send them to your family members, friends. It acts as a Cloud drive. Most of us are having a Gmail account, you can use the same Gmail account if you are willing to use Google Drive and with that Gmail account you will get5GB of free space.

How to send large files through email

Follow this step by step tutorial for sending large files via email.
Step 1: First of all you need to visit Google Drive and sign in with your Google account Credentials.
Step 2: Once you are logged in you can start uploading your data. Click in the upload button which is present right next to create.
While uploading any file you can view the status of the upload by looking at the status window which is present at the bottom right corner of your computer screen. You can even place more than one file for uploading at a time.
Step 3: Once the upload has been completed you can easily share them with your friends, family members or even office colleagues. Click on the Share link to set the sharing settings of the file which you want to share. You can decide if you want to make that file private or public. Click on Who Can Access under Change menu to change the file status.
Step 4: You can send the files directly by emailing them from Google Drive. In the Sharing settings menu of a particular file you will see options which will include sending file via email and via social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook.
Google Drive also comes with one great feature and using this feature you can also limit the people to only view the files and not comment or you can give them permissions to comment or edit the files.
If you want to share files of your project with your team, upload the files and grab the link and share them with your entire team. You can even use Google Drive on smartphones as it is available both for Apple and Android operating systems.
There are other websites which are similar to Google Drive but provide a little less features:-

So now you know how to send large files through email Easily and quickly, then take advantage of it.

Websites to Download eBooks Free

It would be nice if we can Download eBooks Free and take it with us on our devices, as it is not possible to take a book to any place as it may be fat and also includes the weight and we can`t get the frequent updates for it. There are many sites where eBooks can be obtained for free, downloaded and can be enjoyed from any Android device.
For popular and “new release” reading materials or magazine, an online eStore like Amazon or Barnes & Noble is essential but this sites are not free of cost. So here are some of the websites that gives you free downloadable eBook Specially for Tech Students.
Download eBooks Free

5 Best Websites to Download eBooks Free


It is an online store for free ebook authors, ebook resources, ebook downloads. Besides of it you can also download free magazines from it. Each ebook has its own short review in the description. You can also submit your own ebook, you just need to become a member of the Free-EBooks.Net to access their library. You can Register it for free.
2.Many Books:
It provides you with free ebooks for your eBook Reader, iPod or PDA. You can browse for any ebook through the most recommendations or recent reviews from visitors or you can even search and download free books in categories like scientific, engineering, programming, which you may feel interesting. There are 23,568sss eBooks available in it and they’re all free.

It is a unique ebook Publishing house, specialized in free eBook downloads. It also provides an excellent Star rating Showcase for new and evolving authors to come front with their thoughts or ideas.  It is very well categorized by topics which is friendly to use, and it also consists of 10 top level categories, and over 125 sub-categories.

It is a free website for ebook where users are able to exchange e-books for free and it also gives video training and other materials for educational purposes and also includes self-practice. It consists of thousands of documents like literature, lists, maps, databases, technical references, etc.

 5.Online Free ebook:
It provides various links to various ebooks (pdf format) spanning in 9 categories which are used fors daily purposes, they are: Business Ebooks, Gadget Ebooks, Engineering Ebooks, Automotive Ebooks, Health & Medical Ebooks , Hobbies Ebooks, Hardware Ebooks, Sport & Martial Art Ebooks, Programming & Technology Ebooks. It is especially designed to add all this stuffs in your Pocket PC, EPOC, Windows CE, Symbian or other handheld device.

 Some more Free Websites to Download E-books :

I hope this article will help you to Get Your Desired E-Book that you need, If you know any other Best Website to Download eBooks Free, Than please add a Comment.

Resize Image without loosing Quality – How to Guide

People hate to visit websites which require more time for loading. So one should always seek to improve the webpage load time, so to do so you have to look at many things like loading sources, page cache, media files etc. One among such media file is images, adding beauty to your page, but at the same time, it is regarded as the most bulky resources which takes much time to load on the page, thereby causing inconvenience to the visitors.
But one can improve the page load time by cutting the size of an image to a significant amount. But even resizing the image without any proper knowledge may be troublesome as you may lose the quality it had. Though photoshop provides a nice feature to save the original quality of the pic, it is not preferred much as it’s too expensive to purchase the photoshop application for desktop or web version. So here I’m going to provide you with free online tools to Resize Image without loosing Quality

Web Based Tools to Resize Image without loosing Quality :

JPEG, PNG, GIF, SIV are some of the image formats that can be compressed with this online application. This reduces the image to a quite considerable point without losing the image size.
This application is also available in Chrome and Firefox extensions

After uploading the image from your computer, give the size of the image and quality you wish to have after processing. This provides only some control of the output and compression ratio But Greatly Helps to Resize Image without loosing Quality. is the best and popular online application you can have to compress images. It is present with an up-loader as well as URL box to have the image. In this you will not be provided with the ‘enter’ option to enter the image quality as that of previous one because it automatically optimizes the image by compressing it to a limit. & :

I would suggest you to have these application, for more control of the image quality. A slider appears as soon as you upload an image to auto control the quality of the last image. A preview panel is provided for showcasing the changes according to the quality slider change. So before downloading the image you can have the review of your final image. This application is available on different domains for JPG and PNG images. :

This application is available to compress the PNG files. Upload an image and you can get a compressed size of the image. Besides this, , a quick tool to compress the PNG images to the best level without affecting the image quality.

Desktop tool to Resize Image without loosing Quality

If you need a Desktop tool to do this task then i would suggest you to have PNG Gauntlet as your first choice, You will need .Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 to run this tool on your Windows.
Resize Image without loosing Quality
You won’t Face any difficulty in Using this tool as it is very User Friendly. While Optimizing the images PNG Gauntlet will show you older size and Optimized size of the image. this Program is not that Fastest at it work but Usefull.