Monday, November 30, 2015

How To Share Zip, Doc, Pdf, Apk Files On Whatsapp

Method To Share Pdf, Doc, Apk, Zip Files On Whatsapp

Step 1. You have to download the dropbox App first on your Android device. You need a dropbox account if you already have a drop account then no problem otherwise yo to create the account and login to it.

dropbox app preview
Step 2. Download and install CloudSend App to your device by clicking the button below. After installation launch the App and go through it. This will ask you for the authorization by the end. You have to allow all permissions to this App.

upload images on cloudsend
Step 3. After giving permission in our dropbox folder, a folder is created automatically named cloudsend. Now you can close the App after completing the authorization.

Step 4. If you want to send any type of file, hold the file through file manager and click the share button. Now you see a popup menu.
cloudsend file manager
Step 5. From the popup menu press the Cloudsend option. Wait until the selected file is uploaded on the cloudsend folder in dropbox. The duration of uploading will depend on the size of file.

Step 6. Cloudsend App does not allow any restriction regarding the file size and provide two option after uploading the file copy and share. You can share the file or copy the link of any file.

Step 7. Now select share button option. By selecting this option you will be able to share your file in different platform like Gmail, Whatsapp, SMS, WeChat etc.
cloudsend whatsapp settings
Step 8. Now choose Whatsapp option to share file with Whatsapp. After selecting this option it will ask for the contacts with which you want to share files. Share the link of file with your friends. 

I hope you like this method to share zip, pdf, apk and other files on whatsapp. Don't forget to share it with others

How to Use Multiple Mobile Numbers on Whats App in Android ?

1) Install titanium
backup from play store. (Root is required for this app).
2) Open it and give superuser permission..
3) Tap on switch profile in bottom right corner..
4) Here you have to create two data profiles with any name (eg. All and whatsapp2).
5) Again tap on switch profile and select all (main profile).
6) Now go to backup/ restore tab on top. Locate whatsapp.
7) Tap on whatsapp then swipe right for special features..
8) Tap on enable multiple profile for this app.
9) Confirm any prompt. This will store your current whatsapp profile to data profile ‘all’.
10) Now again go to overview tab and tap on select
data profile and select ‘whatsapp2’.
11) Now go to whatsapp and you can see the first
installation window. Register your second number there. And you are done..
12) For switching between numbers use titanium backup and switch
data profiles..
NOTE: You can use more than two numbers
by this method.. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Hi Friends, here I back with Hacking Facebook Using Brute Force method in Kali Linux. BruteForce attack tries every possible combination of letters, numbers and special characters until the right password is found. Here you have to create text file with full list of password. If the victim is your friend or family member then you can guess passwords with is D.O.B or phone number also with special characters. This attacks take long times.

So Here We will Use kali Linux To Attack.

Required Tools::

1} Facebook Python Script…. Download it HERE…… See Rar Password HERE…….
2} Word List….. (Create your own)

::Follow The Steps Below::

1} Install Python on Linux if not installed. For installing use this command

     apt –get install python-mechanize

2} Create a List of Passwords..

3} Add Facebook script to do so place that script on Desktop and use this command



This Tool can crack the facebook account if you don’t have the email of the victim

3} After which tool will start it will ask for victim email, phone number, Profile ID, or username. Enter any one.

4} Enter the path of the password list if it is on Desktop then path will be:


5} Now Sit Down and watch if your wordlist have the correct password then HACKED… Best Of Luck.


Keep a Good and hard with different numbers, characters, and Capitalization. Don't use your date of Birth, Phone numbers, Child's name. Such passwords are easy to guess and can cracked Easily.



Hi Friends,
                    I am back with new stuff from which you can Windows Password using Guest Account. Why we need to hack Admin Password? There are many reason, some are just for fun and kidding Friends, to get Full Control on PC etc. My own reason to hack Admin was to share his data with I can’t install any game and Software I need his password. So I decided to hack admin.

Perhaps, this will be useful to them who have guest account for them who don’t have. Don’t worry you will get it in my next Post.

:: Follow below Steps                                           

1} Login to guest account.

2} Go to this directory. {C: >Windows>System32}

3} Find the “cmd.exe” and copy it to desktop.

4} Rename it to Sethc.exe

5} Copy the new sethc.exe file to system32. It will ask to Overwrite before doing that 
backup original file.

6} Go back to Login Screen.

7} Press Shift key Five times. Instead of Sticky keys dialogue box you will get Console (with admin privileges).

8} Type NET USER ADMIN 1234, where 1234 is your password, and Admin is the name of that Admin Account.

9} Hit Enter. And

10} Login using your new Password


Phishing is the illegal attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication

Phishing is a continual threat that keeps growing to this day. The risk grows even larger in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. Hackers commonly use these sites to attack persons using these media sites in their workplace, homes, or public in order to take personal and security information that can affect the user and the company (if in a workplace environment). Phishing is used to portray trust in the user since the user may not be able to tell that the site being visited or program being used is not real, and when this occurs is when the hacker has the chance to access the personal information such as passwords, usernames, security codes, and credit card numbers among other things.

You May Wonder How To Use This Trick: See Below

1} You Need Three Files in these Extension. txt, htm, & php. Name can be Anything
           txt  - Victims Details Will be Saved.
           htm  - It is a Fake Login Page of Facebook
           php  - It Controls the Whole Trick. Ex: It Redirects to Real Homepage, and Saves the                                     Details

2} Download That Files With Below Link. CLICK HERE to Download the Files

3} Upload them in a Free Hosting Site. I used you can use it too or Search other in Google

4} After That open Your Fake Page. Now you will think What is the Link of your Fake Page: (if you used My3gb as your Hosting Site).

5} Now Send it to Your Friend and Enjoy.


Hi Friends, I am back with new Facebook hacking Trick i.e Phishing with Autolikers. I think you have heard about AutoLikers, which provides many Likes and Comments on your Status, Pics, and Feed etc. However it is being common that everyone is using Such Sites.


{1} Account, {2}Script.

::Follow the steps Create::
1} Create Account in

2} Verify your Account.

3} Click on Create Site.

5} Give a Good Name it must look like Autolikers site.

4} Click on Manage it.

5} Click Admin Mode.

5} Click #Edit Site.

6} Now Select WML (it is a Coding Language)

7} Paste The Code in the text area. GET CODE HERE

9} You will find a last Option "Place WML code in front of" do it At the Top.

All Done Now send the Link to your Friends, and you will the Victim details to your mail, which you used during the registration in Wapka.mob