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How To Make A Computer More Secure

Nowadays everyone uses a computer and because of some bad guys in the cyber world the usage has become very dangerous. Those guys make deadly viruses that can act in various ways on your computer and the affects range from stealing personal data to making your computer act in a weird way and damaging the core files of the computer. But you don’t need to freak out because we are here to tell you various ways by which you can secure your computer and protect it from various types of viruses and other threats. So stick with me till the end of the article and witness some of the most easy yet powerful ways by which you can make your computer more secure for your personal data.
But before we proceed we should know about the factors which influence the security of our computer and make it dangerous. Such factors are Operating System, Web Browser, Anti-virus, Security Checks and many more. In this guide we would be focusing on these factors only to make your computer a better place to store credentials. Now without wasting much time I will head you straight to the post!
How To Make A Computer More Secure
How To Make A Computer More Secure

Choose the right OS

Operating System plays a major role in protecting your data. It is said that Windows is vulnerable to most of the viruses where as Linux doesn’t have any known or active virus till now. But if you have an Operating system like Windows then you should follow the upcoming steps to make it more secure.

Decide A web Browser

Web browsers are the things which come next to Operating system and it is the most used thing for some people. Web browsers are a treat for the hackers to inject virus in your computer and they often do so. To protect yourself from such viruses you need to have a good and trustworthy browser. According to the people over the internet and some computer security guys, Chromeis said to be the safest web browser which is followed by Firefox and Internet Explorer. The reason behind Chrome for being awarded as the safest is, it has a Sandbox feature which prevents the virus being spread in the computer and it is limited to the browser only. But still you should take some more measures which are discussed in the post.

Make passwords stronger

Passwords are something which give you a feel of security right from the moment you hear it. But sometimes these passwords can be the cause of great loss if not set properly. Mostly people use some common dictionary words for passwords which result in getting the account hacked. These dictionary words are easily hacked by the hackers by using Brute force Attacks and Dictionary Attacks.
To prevent these type of cases you should take care of the following things while setting a password:-
  • It should be more than 7 characters
  • It should contain Alphabets as well as some Numerics
  • Try to use UPPER CASE and lower case letters with some special characters (follow this step only if you can remember such strong passwords)
  • Never ever store or write your password in the computer, if you want to store them then use a piece of paper.

Visit Trusted Websites

We always visit some sites over the internet but we actually don’t know that it turns out to be a really dangerous stuff when we visit some sites which are not trusted! To prevent yourself from getting in trap of these sites you should install a web filter software (I use Bitdefender) which shows the sites which are safe to visit. Thus, prevents your computer from getting a Virus.

Install Antiviruses

Installing an antivirus is a really important task as it doesn’t only scans for virus but also helps to prevent the incoming virus from any software, internet or any other place. Antivirus doesn’t stop here as it also helps to figure out the keyloggers in the computer which are a major source for hackers to get the information you type.

Never open compressed File on mails

You may find this step a little weird as you are restricted from opening compressed files you get over internet but believe me90% of the computers are infected through these kind of mails over the internet. I am not saying that you should not open any compressed file but you should not open compressed files from any person you don’t know. There are many compressed files roaming over Facebook too! Below are the names of some of the files like,,, and many more are there. So keep as far as you can keep yourself from these files and be on the safe side.
This was all we could cover in this post but there are many more things which make a computer more secure! We will surely cover them in upcoming posts and if you have something to share with the community then do share it to us in the comments section below! And don’t forget to leave a thanks for us if you found this post useful!

How to Schedule Posts and Images on Facebook Page?

Facebook is a great platform to socialize with your fans, your followers and your clients and other than socializing with the same people again and again, you can reach out to more people who might be interested in your services. Facebook Pages allows you to create an audience and leverage them to grow your business.
Facebook has been doing a lot of changes with its Pages like changing the algorithms every now and then so that the users get only the best news and status updates. If you too own a Facebook Page on any topic then you might have noticed that only highly targeted content reaches to a larger audience.
schedule posts and images on facebook page
Facebook Pages are a great way to build fans for your website, your products or your services and now you have a new feature that you can use to keep on publishing status updates and images throughout the day. Yes, you can now schedule posts and images on Facebook and keep on feeding new content to your fans all day long.
In this article, you will learn this simple feature that lets you schedule posts and images on your Facebook pages.

Steps to Schedule Posts and Images on Facebook Pages

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and go to the page that you want to schedule posts on.
Step 2: In the status message box, enter the content that you want to publish or upload a photo and then just next to the “Post”button, you will see a small drop-down arrow.
schedule posts images on facebook
Step 3: Click on the arrow button and you will see a drop-down menu appear with 3 options – Schedule Post, Backdate Post and Save Draft.
schedule posts images on facebook
Step 4: Click on the Schedule Post option and then you can set the date and time that you want to publish the post and then hit the Schedule button.
schedule posts images on facebook
You will see a confirmation message that the post is successfully scheduled and you can see the post and edit and make changes in it by clicking the See Post button.
schedule posts images on facebook

How to Edit Your Scheduled Posts?

If you want to review all the posts, images and videos that you have scheduled on your Facebook Page, then you can click on the Activity button on top of your page and then click on the Scheduled Posts option on the left sidebar.
This will bring the list of all the schedule posts and images on your Facebook page. You can edit them from here and even delete the posts if you don’t want to publish it anymore.
schedule posts images on facebook
So that’s how you can schedule posts and images on Facebook easily and manage all your content. Using this method, you can upload all your content at the same time and select the frequency at which you want to publish them on the page.

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How to Make a Website – Create a Website Without HTML Knowledge

How to make a website without knowing HTML/PHP & CSS? Today we explain you that how to make a website without any knowledge of website designing. Everyone is not an expert in website designing even if  he/she is computer graduate. Website designing require knowledge of at-least HTML/PHP/XML with CSS & so many other things. Now a question surely comes in your mind that so many things are required for website designing then how to make a website without any knowledge.
There are so many ways to learn how to make website. We can easily create a website without knowing anything about the web designing. We require 3 things to make a website.
1.) Domain Name – (Which is your name & show your presence on internet.)
2.) Web Hosting – (Where you can store your webpages, images and document.)
3.) Website Builder – (Which helps you to make webpages for your website. Free website builder are available.)
Some people don’t want to spend one penny to make a website for those we advice to create on blog onBlogspot or WordPress. only the difference is that you got a name “” or “” in placeof
Now we start the step by step guide to make a website.

1.) Domain Name To Make a Website

First and most important thing that you required a domain name to make a website. You domain name is your identity and people will recognize you with your domain name. You have to link you domain name with your website hosting. It is very simple, your web hosting company with give you either Name Server Or CName Or A record. You only have to any these record to your DNS Manager of your domain and you are done. Entering record in DNS manager will take less than 60 seconds.
A Domain registration charges varies from USD 10 to USD 35 from registrar to registrar. You can buy from .com, .org, .net, .in, .it, .de and many more. We recommend to buy country TLDs like .us(United States), .in (India), .it (Italy), if you are selling product in your country only. Country TLDs are preferred for search engine for queries made from that country.
There are so many Domain Name Registration Companies in the World. We recommend that you check they are providing DNS manger with Domain Purchase or Not. We recommend, the largest Domain name registrar in World.
GoDaddy will provide you DNS manager & 1 Free Email with every domain purchase. You can use coupon WOWwebburr to get 20% discount on all your purchases.
How to Make a Website
How to Make a Website

2.) Web Hosting To Make a Website

Web Hosting is another essential component to make a website. Web Hosting company should be reliable and provide you maximum up-time guarantee. There are so many web hosting providers also in world. we again recommend, for their excellent service. Use the Coupon Code WOWwebburr to get a discount on web hosting also.
GoDaddy is now providing a free domain name with every purchase of web-hosting package. If you buy a hosting package for 2 years GoDaddy will provide you domain name for 2 years absolutely free.
It is always better to buy both domain name & hosting from the same company. Please check the locking period for both domain name & hosting before buying.

3.) How to Make a Website With Website Builder

We already explained the domain name is required for your identity and web hosting to store your website pages. Domain is linked with hosting to show the website. Now question comes that how to make webpages?
You have 2 options either use website builder or install WordPress from Godaddy will provide 1 click WordPress installation. If you want to install the WordPress then buy WordPress compatible hosting only. After installing the WordPress simply create your page by typing the contact as email editor of any email service provider (Like Gmail or Yahoo). So many free themes are also available to design your website and improve your website look.
Another option to make website is use of a free website builder. So many Free and paid website builder are available on internet. Wix is a free website builder from which you can create beautiful website. So many free templates are available and configure the design. Wix is free but if you need some premium functionality then you have to upgrade to paid version. You can see the free templates here. In case you need more help on how to create a website with Wix, Go Here.
Hope you like our tutorial “How to make a website?” ans surely create a beautiful website for you.

18 Ways To Make Money Online From Home Without Investment

Make Money Online‘ is treated as a secondary source of income in past. Now a days, people are working hard and generating handsome money by working online. They had quit their jobs to make money online. For long term online income we have to build an strategy and implement it in most efficient way. Some of the long terms money making ideas are slow but very effective to make money online. Some ideas seems to be very easy but are short turn ideas to earn money. You have to select the best  method which suits your needs (long or short term). All the ways to make money online detail here are legal. Now, you have so many questions in mind that

1.) Is it really possible to make money online for living?

Yes, anyone can make money online. You have to choose the right path which suits your skills. The most important skill is hard work and dedication. Without hard work and motivation you can only earn money in short term not in long term. In my opinion, blogging is the best method for earn money in long term. Many people are earning from blogging for a luxury life.

2.) How much time it will take to start the earning?

It can take anywhere from 1 month to 1 year depending the method you had selected and your hard work. For example blogging can take from 6 month to 1 years to get your 1st income. While referral income you can get in 1 month also.

3.) How much money we can earn from working online?

Again income depend on you hard work, dedication and strategy. But just for your reference people are earning 7 to 10 figure income (in USD) by working online from home.
Best Ways To Make Money Online From Home Using Internet
Best Ways To Make Money Online From Home Using Internet

18 Ways To Make Money Online From Home Using Internet Without Investment

We had searched the internet for couple of days and bring the best possible methods to earn money online. We are explaining each method here with some reference websites link. Most of the ideas to make money online is without investment. You can make money online by selecting the idea best suited to your skills.

1.) Make Money Online From Blogging

Making money from blogging is the proven & long term idea to generate income. I have seen many people earning huge money from there reputed websites. It is a difficult method and need really hard work. Create a website or blog for yourself  and post some valuable content. Content must be genuine & not copied from other website. Content is also have those topic for while people will search. After getting traffic from search engines you can apply for Google Adsense Account or sell space on your website for advertisement.
Make Money Online From Blogging
Make Money Online From Blogging

2.) Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another popular way to make money online without investment. An Affiliate is an person who sells the product on their website or by auction on other websites. You have to so the same thing & have sell the product/services of original manufacturing by acceptable means. For every successful transaction with your reference give you commission from seller. In affiliate marketing you don’t have to buy the product, you only have to sign-up with that company for a referral link or code. E-commerce giant Amazon has an affiliate program with name of Amazon Associates & another popular affiliate marketing site is Commission Junction. You can also search for local affiliate marketing company.
Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing
Make Money Online From Affiliate Marketing

3.) Make Money Online as a Freelancer

Earning money as a freelancer is another popular idea to earn money. Freelancing is the great idea for professionals who are expert in any respective skill. That skill can be anything like content writer, Logo Designer, selling, buying, link building, website design, software development etc. If you know two or more languages, you can also earn money by translating written documents to another language. There are so many website on which you can easily find a freelancer job and earn money. You have to find a project or task posted on this website. Then you have to apply for the project with proof or sample that you are capable to do that work. There may be another freelancer bidding together with you. You have to bid in such a way that you are reasonable and with in budget. Some of the popular freelancer websites are ElanceFreelancerGuru,Odesk.
Make Money Online Freelancer
Make Money Online as Freelancer

4.) Make Money Online From Paid Surveys

You can also earn from paid surveys without any investment. Online survey will not require any expert skills and hard works. There are so many websites on which you can register and start earning. You have to create a free account and start taking participate in surveys. Survey income is small than the other method because it will finish in very small time. Few things needs to be check before selecting a survey website. What is the minimum threshold they will pay? They will pay in your country or not? They have a good background for payment to others? Here we found an interesting article about “how online surveys works” with list of 20 popular survey websites. You can read the complete article here.
Make Money Online From Surveys
Make Money Online From Surveys

5.) Make Money Online From E-tutions/Webinars

Now a days demand for tutors is growing rapidly. If you have skills to help someone learn fast then e-tutions will open gates for your to make money. Only thing you need to be expert in your subject and few spare hours in week to e-tutions. Some of the popular websites are You can also find some popular in your country or area. If you are confident about your skills, you surely become popular among the students. After getting popularity you can also have opportunities to give webinars-lecture or seminars. Both can be transmitted over the internet & popular websites. College and university students are willing to pay extra also for a good, well-respected webinars.
Make Money Online From E-tutions Webinars
Make Money Online From E-tutions/Webinars

6.) Make Money Online From Audio/Video Editing

You can earn money if you know about audio/video editing and can provide the professional service for editing. Now a days many websites, blog or companies wants their audio/videos to be edit before publish them to their or social media websites. You can easily find so many opportunity regarding this and easily earn money. You can find these kind of jobs on, &
7.) Make Money Online From Mystery Shopper Jobs
Mystery Shopping as the name suggested is a mystery for few people. It is true that you can anywhere from $200 to $1400 & more in year by becoming online mystery shopper. Only thing you have to remember that never pay for application for this kind of jobs. Also, never transfer money after receiving e-check or something. Genuine companies never ask money from your at any stage. We had found an article explaining about mystery shopper jobs and prevention you have to take. You can read the complete article here.

8.) Make Money Online by Selling Stock Photos

You can also earn money by selling your stock photos on different website. Website & Blog owners wants many photos to publish them on their website with articles. Software developers also want some professional pictures for their products. If you have some good stock royalty free images, you can sell them to earn money. There are so many websites on which you can sign-up for free. After signing-up share your stock and price. For very valid download you will get money as discussed & fixed while sharing the stock.  Some of the popular websites to sell your photos are , &
Make Money Online By Selling Photos
Make Money Online By Selling Photos

9.) Make Money Online by Playing Contest

You can also earn money by playing online contest with free entry & having cash/coupons in prize. Now, a days so may websites/online companies arrange an online contest and encourage people to take part in contests. These contests are for their promotions & feedback also. During the contest they may ask you to fill a survey form about their product also. Recently Facebook & Google also start organizing contest to report the bug. These companies already paid millions of dollars for the genuine bug submission. Recently Facebook had paid an amount of $14,000 to an Indian engineer to find a bug. You can also search this kind of contest on Google. You can search for “Free gaming contest with prize”, “Free writing competition with cash prize” & may more.

10.) Make Money Online With CPA (Cost Per Action) Program

You can easily make money online with the help of cost per action program. Like in affiliate marketing you get paid after an sale is completed and order is processed. But in CPA program you will get money for every action done by the customer/referral. For example you have a website for articles for insurance or travel advice. If some one comes on your website and provide the e-mail id or phone number to start discussing the product. For every action you will get paid like for giving phone number or e-mail id. is a popular website for Cost Per Action program.

11.) Make Money Online by Writing Quality Article

If you have good writing skills then you can use them to produce money for you. There are so many website who can paid handsome money for their free lancer content writer. They will write awesome good content article for their website and in return they get paid by the website owner. and so many other big website also hire freelancer for writing content. You can also check & to make money.

12.) Make Money Online From YouTube

Yes, you can also earn money by uploading & sharing videos on YouTube. As you know YouTube is a popular website for watching videos. If you have some interesting videos you can upload that video after signing-up free account with YouTube. Sometimes you will get and invitation from YouTube to join per per click advertisement program or you can also apply for same after getting at-least 1000 views from your videos. After applying & approval from YouTube a small video will automatically will display during your video streaming. You will get the money for every advertisement click. Don’t try to scam since your IP, Country location, Browser Cookies & so many thing are tracked.
Make Money Online With YouTube
Make Money Online With YouTube

13.) Make Money Online By Becoming Copy Editor

Another way to earn some extra money is working as a copy writer. If you have strong command over language, you can be best suited for the job of a copy writer. In Copy editor job you have to read the articles and correct sentence fragments, Grammatical error etc. In return you will get paid by the webmaster for every editing or per article editing.

14.) Make Money Online by Selling E-books

If you have writing skills and problem solving capacity, you can earn money by publishing your own e-book. Instead of writing for others, you can publish you e-book and sell it for a small amount ($1 to $5). You can earn thousands USD by selling thousands of copy. Publishing e-book is an investment free method to earn money online. There is no investment for printing ans shipping e-book. You can also easily sell your e-book on or

15.) Make Money Online by Making/Selling Mobile Apps

Smartphones are getting popularity day by day. Demands for Applications or apps for smartphones are also increasing in the same way. There are almost 3 million apps for iphone & ipad and more than 1 million apps in Google android market. So many apps are there which are selling like hot cakes. Making money from developing & selling your own apps is a lucrative way over internet. You can also make apps for other & earn money.

16.) Make Money Online by Making Online Shop

We are not saying you to launch your website for selling things. If you have selling/buying skills then you can create money easily. If you can buy the things in much lower price than market, then this idea is for you. You can create a free account on or and sell the things after adding some profit. You can display some pictures of items and wait for user to place an order. After receipt of order, you can buy them from market & sent to user. You money will be on hold by e-store till the end user received the product. After receiving the product by user in good condition, e-store release your money and you can earn profit.

17.) Make Money Online by Becoming Website Tester

This is an interesting way to earn money online. In this you have to apply for a free account as a tester either on user tester or Utest. After applying a free account it will take some time for approval as a tester. After approval you can earn up to $10 for every website testing & $15 for every mobile website testing with user tester. Utest is a software testing website and you will get work related to software & app testing. For this you have some previously skilled for this kind of testing & you own PC or Mac for testing.

18.) Make Money Online By Translating  Documents to Other Language is a website which provide professional translation to many popular website & companies. If you know any other language professionally, you can earn money with Gengo. You have to apply an free account with Gengo from here. After sign-up a free account you have to pass a test online to meet the qualification. After qualifying, you start getting work and after each submission & approval you will get money. They will pay via PayPal as well as Skrill twice in a month for approved entries.

Open Blocked Sites in Office/College/School With Browser Software

Open Blocked sites in office, college & school with useful tricks suggested by us. Many Schools, Colleges and office blocked websites for students & workers. There are many tricks available to access blocked sites. If you searched for “How to Open/Access Blocked Websites“, so many proxy sites & article will come. We had read many and check authenticity of each way to access blocked sites. Now we are combining all tricks about accessing blocked websites. We are explaining these tricks straight away for you. Hope some trick will help you to open blocked sites.
Ways to Access Blocked Sites
Access Blocked Websites in Office, College & School

13 Ways to Open Blocked Sites

1.) Open Blocked Sites by using by using Proxy sites

Proxy websites are very famous to surf any website anonymously. You can also open blocked sites by using these proxy sites. This trick is very easy & simple. Sometimes proxy sites will show few or no ads to surf your desired website. Mostly people will not get access to blocked sites through proxy since there School, Colleges & Offices also had blocked these proxy sites. We have other tricks also to access blocked sites, when proxy sites are not working. You simply open the proxy sites, enter the URL you want to visit and access blocked sites. Some popular proxy sites are:

2.) Use The Tor Browser Bundle To Get Access

Tor is a “Network of virtual tunnels that allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet”. TBB (Tor Browser bundle) network of virtual tunnels, protects your internet activities from being tracked and will allow you to Open blocked sites. Tor is free browser that open blocked sites.
You can read more about Tor on their website. You can also learn about installing Tor on their documentation page. Tor can make your browser bit slow Since Tor does run through multiple nodes and networks. However, you can bypass that by using Tor only when you are trying to access blocked sites (You can also try Tor Button Add-on to make this more easier).

3.) Using Hotspot Shield Software

Some Countries including Pakistan, China, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia,  Indonesia, Nigeria, Iran, Korea, United Kingdom (UK) and many more had blocked some websites within their country. You can not Access/Open blocked sites with IP address of the blocked regions. The next alternative way to access blocked sites is use of a small software.
Hotspot Shield is both free and paid small software which will change your current IP address to other country IP address. Free and Paid both version works fine & exactly same. Only difference is that a free version will show few ads while paid version is add free. You can access blocked sites by installing this software.

4.) Hola Browser extension for Chrome, MAC (Apple), Mozilla Firefox, Windows & Android

Hola UnBlocker is famous free browser extension for chrome to Open Blocked Sites. A free VPN service that open the restricted or Blocked websites by Schools, Government, offices & colleges. You can simply install the extension for chrome and can enable & disable as per your need.
Hola is available as a Add-on of  Mozilla Firefox and MAC Operating system. You can also download it for your android and windows. Hola is ad free service and comparatively fast to access blocked sites.

5.) Use Tunnel Bear To Access Blocked Websites

TunnelBear is another awesome app to access the blocked sites. Tunnel bear comes in free & paid version. With free version you get of limit of 500 MB bandwidth to access blocked sites. Currently they are promoting tunnel bear with free 1 GB data. You can search their website for another promotion currently going on.
You can use tunnel bear on one computer & two mobile phone. You can access blocked sites on you Mac, Iphone & Ipad by downloading tunnel bear. For Mac it supports OSX 10.6.8 or later & for Ipad & Iphone ios 5.0 or later.
You can also access the blocked sites on android, windows xp, Windows 7 & windows 8 with Tunnel Bear. Simply go on to Tunnel Bear download page & select the correct operating system to download.

6.) Use URL Shorter Services to Open Blocked Sites

There are few free URL shorter service available to access blocked sites. You just go to those sites and simply type the URL you want to visit. These websites will convert the URL and give you another link of their website to open blocked sites. Copy that link & paste in to your browser to open blocked sites.
Few Popular URL shorter services are:- SnipURL, MooURL & TinyURL to access blocked sites.

7.) Use Translation Services

Google Translate, AltaVista Babelfish & Bing Translator can also be used to open blocked sites. Simply go to translation websites enter the URL you want to visit and the choose some other language to translate it & you can surf the page in this way. Any time during visit, you can click on show original to see the original content again.

8.) Use Way Back Machine

Way Back machine is a website which will show you that how a website look in past. Usually people use this service to see the design & outlook of famous websites in past. You just enter the URL of website you want to visit and access blocked sites and select some old date to access that website.

9.) Open Blocked Website by using Proxy in Web Browser

Another simple way to access blocked sites in college & school is through web browser proxy. You can use the proxy in your web browser and can access blocked sites.
In Chrome, first go to “Settings” -> Click “Advanced Settings” -> click on “Show Advanced Settings” in the Network. After that click “LAN Settings”. Check the “Use Proxy Server for your LAN” Check box -> Type the desired address and port number to “80” and Click “OK”.
You can see the list of proxy sites here Proxy Sites.
Open Blocked Sites - Access Blocked Websites
Open Blocked Sites in Chrome – Best Way to Access Blocked Websites
In Firefox, Click on Tool then Options. Now click on the Advanced and select Network tab. After that click on inside Connection Settings. Select Manual proxy configuration. Now, Enter the http desired proxy in the box and enter the port name. Check the box “use this proxy server for all protocol”.

10.) Open Blocked Sites by using  IP instead of URL

You can also access blocked sites by using IP instead of URL of the website. Some software or hardware (like routers) used to block the website by using their name (e.g. or For this case you can find the IP of the website and open the blocked sites by using website IP address. To find the IP address of a website go to RUN prompt from your start menu and type cmd and press enter. For Windows 8, open the RUN prompt by pressing Windows Key + R.  MAC user can use terminal.
Now in command prompt enter “ping” (without quote), change with website you want to visit. You can also  find the IP address of website online via

11.) Open Blocked Sites by using Decimal Number

As we told above to open blocked sites by using IP address. Now we use the decimal system in place of IP address. Find the IP address of any website (as we explained in previous step) and then change IP Address to decimal number. By this way you can also get instant access to the blocked sites.

12.) Access Blocked Websites With Google Cache

You can open the blocked websites with Google Cache. Google always create a fresh cache of the page. When you enter any term in Google for search it will show a small drop down link with the website URL in search result. Click on that drop down link & select the cached. Google will take you to the cache page which recently stored in the Google data base.

13.) Access Blocked Sites with Email Service

Web2Mail is another interesting service by which you can access the blocked sites. You can send a simple e-mail on with the website URL in subject line. You can get a return mail from web2mail to read that website in mail. You can also do many thing with like you can search the web with email. You can also subscribe the daily email for selective website.