Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Learn Linux Online with Command Practice - Webminal

Learn linux Online with terminal this is possible my friend. You can learn all linux commands without install any OS on your system. Linux is good OS because this is open source, anyone can modify it and customize it.
Linux come in all interface Like GUI and CUI. In this article I teach you how can you learn linux in CUI from Online.

How to learn Linux online terminal with webminal?

Webminal: Online Linux Terminal

Learn Linux Online is very simple with the help of webminal. Webminal is a online website which provides you virtual linux over the web browser. 
Wit the help of webminal you can practice all linux commands.

  • In webminal, First you need to register yourself on this site.
  • When you open terminal on this site ,this site asks you login and password like linux system.
  • Now try all linux commands in this online service.
  • If you don't know much linux commands try our linux section.

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