Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What personal information goes to Internet through Your Web Browser

Hello all you know when you are online many of your personal information goes to internet.This is a serious security issue. Hackers use this information in Illegal Activities.
When you open your internet browser and open any website the information goes on internet is.

  • Computer Information
  • Browser Extension
  • Software information
  • Network related information
  • Ip address
So how can you see what your information goes to internet. Here  I provide a solution  you can see what your personal information goes to internet.

System Scanner is website which shows what information goes to internet through your web browser. System Scanner shows you network,browser extension,os,hardware information and browser plugins,ip address,broadband speed,geo lacation and many type of personal information.
 So beware next time when you run your web browser because someone is sseing you.
system scanner

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  1. This is very useful information. Sometimes a visit to the Internet threatens us with the loss of personal data.